Who is Kansu Project?

Kansu which means: understanding (intuition)

Kansu Project is a duo band composed of high school friends that met in the music class; the duo grew up in the same city and neighborhood, Salvador in Brazil, the city of music and carnival, whose they received greater musical influence from by the local famous singers as Pitty, Ivete Sangalo, Raul Seixas or even Caetano Vaeloso, you can feel in their tracks those influence when touched by the drums and synthesizers that makes your ear shakes.

 Carol, the singer, will surprise you with her most reference, she learned with her dad to love the Ramones Vocals and the Jimmy Page´s guitar rifle, her mother was the first Fan (like yours) and She put Carol since she had 5 years olds to sing in the church choir and music competition, cute right? But her stronger vocals like metal heavy vocalist will make you alive. 

Sérgio, the music producer and sometimes 2 º voice, grew up helping your dad set up the equipment of his music studio, with his old bother, he learned piano and guitar. When younger his mother put in a choir for children and since there he never stopped to stud music classic, so he started to learn classic piano and the choral conducting, but he really loved 200s POP sounds. 

Well, where Carol & Sergio met? Talking about the last RHCP’s release album: Californication, their dint realized until 2004 they have the same feeling about music: discovery of the new possibilities technology and sounds. Some years later Sergio introduces Carol to his brother in the piano class and both improvised a lyric of a song his brother was playing, guess what? Their first band started months later that’s Called Lady Darkness, but as almost teenager band came to stop, the same happens with them, Sergio moved to other stated (sometimes countries) to study and Carol became to be graduated in social assistance. 

Finally in 2013 the Kansu project born, yes, as a MUSIC PROJECT, so what’s the project?  Create music in different places (states) without lose the harmony, essence and the agreement to make music for fun and entertain others. Carol & Sergio decided to call their new band a project because they started to experiment work with cloud technology tools that’s unity with coupled with the latest MacBook and Apple iPad releases, it was a novelty. Pioneers in using cloud platforms, they found a way to make their music more than a garage band, to make it sound professional. Their lyrics tell much about their life experience in love yourself, acceptance, and faith in the better world, by the way, this is their philosophy, makes the world a better place to lives with art and entertainment . Some difficulties did not block them from developing their first album: A little bit of me.

A little bit of me, titled the name of the album and one of the lead singles, the album shows  many sound characteristics of both such as rock, pop or EDM, both put a lot of what they know technically from years of studying music and that is why the sound may seem different but innovative. Each music has many layers of voices, guitar, and piano and beats to make you vibrate or be transported to another dimension as the music “I’m Spy madness”, which the music video tells a story that two person is always looking for something. But what about the leader single “Heartbeat”? That last song composes Carol travels to São Paulo, first both create a beat to dance in the club sounds like Britney or Rihanna, and then they put the lyric definitely to show their POP music reference, so let’s listen the Album and have fun???

The Band